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Question Q My download icon disappeared This is my first Mac computer and I'm not very good at using it yet When I have downloaded items in the past it automatically appeared in my download file in finder but also in the lower right hand corner of my desk top screen I'm not sure what I did but it isn't there anymore.

My Firefox icon has disappeared from my dock it is also gone from applications i am 82 years of age and Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist i have a Mac GS5 and have been using Firefox 2 as my browser for years Decided to download Firefox 3 and was finally able to drag icon to sidebar but it wont open.

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Where Did My Downloads Go Mac Edition June 1 2014 From the Finder this is another term for your desktop it should say Finder next to the Apple icon on the top left side of your screen If you don't see Finder Now when you download a file using Firefox.

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Downloads and documents stack icons disappeared I do I get them back Info MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10 7 3) View 3 Replies View Related IMac Application Folder Not Coming On The Dock Aug 14 2010 My Application icon is missing from the dock and i am not able to drag it from the finder window.

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Depends on your OS.

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Why does the firefox icon disappear from my dock the firefox symbol has disappeared from my mac computer how do I get it back I have completed the newest download 1 5 on Firefox When I click Download it asks me to allow it and I do I then click on install Then the left hand box comes up with a request to restart Firefox!

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VPNMelon private internet access icon disappeared mac vpn for windows 10 PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS ICON DISAPPEARED MAC Download now how to private internet access icon disappeared mac for Share 'Dead corals don't private internet access icon disappeared mac make babies' Great Barrier Reef losing its ability to recover from bleaching!

Video DownloadHelper icon missing in Firefox Showing 1 17 of 17 messages Video DownloadHelper icon missing in Firefox but it still isn't functional meaning it doesn't register as seeing any videos for download and won't download them and VDH seems to be working there but is very slow I normally use Firefox for Mac and the VDH has.

I am using NoScript in Firefox (Microsoft Windows) Until now there has been an icon (the S icon) in the lower right of the screen and then let you choose if you want to download and install them As far as I can tell there is no automatic update without user interaction I had the same issue the NoScript icon had disappeared and.

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