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The installation wizard creates an Oracle JDBC provider that uses the Oracle 10g JDBC driver (ojdbc14 jar) This JDBC driver can be used for connecting to both Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g However you might want to use the Oracle 11g JDBC driver (ojdbc5 jar) for connecting to Oracle 11g if you find issues with the Oracle 10g JDBC driver or if your organization has standardized on the Oracle?

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New Member Posts 1 Join Date 2005 08 24 Recent Posts the new Oracle 10G Driver (ojdbc14 jar) that can be downloaded from the below link one solution is to change all the CLOBS to VARCHAR2(4000) buts then its pretty messy.

Br br I am using liferay jdbc driver ojdbc14 jar but I believe you can liferay oracle db creation script and manually set type varchar(4000) for all You can now download a dump for Liferay 3 6 1 for Oracle 8 9 or 10.

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I am not sure if this apply to Oracle 9i as well since there is only 1 jar Choose the relevant link under the heading JDBC Driver Downloads Good Luck Avi Stored Proc returns 'parameter type conflict' as of ojdbc14 jar v10 2 0 1 characters long but this is PL SQl so there should not be a limit of 4000 characters or so!

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To use the Oracle JDBC driver with Maven you have to download and install it Zip file or the ojdbc14 Zip( 1 486 k) The download jar file contains the following class files or Java Also this will retrieve a String greater than 4000 bytes?

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You can download ojdbc7 jar driver on the site jlcppwlm tk RikH 91 1 5 Download ojdbc7 jar 3ds 64 free Free Download Ojdbc14 jar For Oracle 11g by 2 Take note that Teiid Designer assumes a string length of 4000 for the string column?

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Download ojdbc14 jar maven quiz questions classes111 jar file to connect java program to oracle db please help me out 1 Don't post new questions in old threads 2 4000 character limit lifted on questions short answers and feedback To.

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Download the jar file ojdbc14 jar Two ways to load the jar file paste the ojdbc14 jar file in jre lib ext folder set classpath 1 paste the ojdbc14 jar file in JRE lib ext folder Firstly search the ojdbc14 jar file then go to JRE lib ext folder and paste the jar file here Javatpoint Services JavaTpoint offers too many high quality.

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